Industry Commons

Open Innovation Methodology, Toolkit and Ecosystem

Industry Commons

Open Innovation Methodology, Toolkit and Ecosystem


By bolting disruptive innovation safely on top of existing industry capabilities with unambiguous layers of intellectual property Industry Commons enables the discovery of new markets and new business models.

The Industry Commons was first presented on 13 June 2017 in the opening keynote of the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference of the European Commission, and has been included in top policy recommendations.


We will put new tools into the hands of brilliant minds.

We will set grand challenges to stimulate breakthrough ideas and business models.

We will assemble expertise from all areas of human activity and illuminate grand challenges from diverse perspectives.

We will cultivate new cultures at the junctions and in the collisions between industry verticals.

We will build layers of accountability and clarity for open innovation intellectual property ownership.

We will facilitate uninterrupted inflows and outflows of knowledge between open innovation contributors.

We will incubate the best disruptive seed ideas built on top of industry IP.

We will empower teams of brilliant minds to discover new markets and new business models.

We will assess risk, early adoption, data and technology for a fast track to innovation.

We will address issues of privacy and security with cutting edge decentralised technologies and smart contracts.

We will support solutions that are meaningful to local and regional communities.

We will embed industry capabilities in external markets, new markets and new market niches.

Industry Commons emerges from the #MTF innovation ecosystem

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