Industry Commons

Industry Commons leverages available technologies, open innovation methodologies, early adopter and innovator communities, deep and broad international connections across industry, academia and high-level policy, and expert design innovation management in order to provide a platform and support mechanism for new, meaningful and significant products, services and technologies that create entirely new markets and solve grand societal challenges.

New ambition for innovation

Industrial modernisation in the 21st century is usually equated with increased digitisation, adopting processes and techniques that fuel greater resource efficiency, acknowledging and addressing environmental and social issues. It focuses on maintaining global competitive advantage by bundling services with manufactured goods as well as adding internet-connected and data-driven systems to product lines.

Addressing each of these challenges is critical to the ongoing survival of leading contemporary industries. Adopting innovation strategies that are clear, applicable and proven are key to this survival.

But survival is not the same as growth, sustainability, the establishment of new jobs in an age of increased automation, upskilling, building societal strength, solving grand challenges, realising citizens’ aspirations, contribution to culture, and the development of entirely new markets that build on the affordances of the new technological environment of the physical internet.

Applying advanced technologies to existing practices and methodologies in a way that considers only the short term concerns of a specific organisation or industry overlooks the potential multiplier effect of a coordinated and strategic cross-industry partnership.

From EU Project to EU Policy

Industry Commons builds upon the European Horizon 2020 Innovation Action #MusicBricks (2015-2016), which successfully piloted technology transfer methodologies for creative and data-driven applications. By developing a Technology Transfer Toolkit (TTT) of APIs, GUIs and TUIs, the project allowed innovation communities of digital makers and content creators access to results of state-of-the-art research, and enabled them to evolve novel ideas and business models.

Following increased interest from industry verticals and contribution of additional industry interfaces for industry IP, the TTT was scaled up to include all industry verticals in the “Industry Commons” for AI and data-driven applications.

Industry Commons uses a decentralised system to manage and protect intellectual property contributed by different industry and academic stakeholders and deploys it to the grassroots innovator community to enable new hybrid products, processes, services and ideas to be built on top of these source technologies, data sets and interfaces.

Launched at the opening of the European Commission’s Open Innovation 2.0 conference in 2017 it has since been included in policy recommendations for several European Directorate Generals: DG RTD, DG Grow and DG Connect.

Innovation management

The Industry Commons Foundation (Insamlingsstiftelse) has been established with 25 years of experience of working in innovation for large global corporations and running innovator communities of interdisciplinary experts.

The Foundation draws on experience of design innovation for Apple, Nike, Nokia and other corporates, as well as authoring programmes and university courses for upskilling in critical thinking for technology design, creative computation, and innovation through practice.

The purpose of the Foundation is to further and promote the advancement of interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, acquisition of skills, state of the art innovation methodologies and new knowledge creation.

The Foundation’s steering board members are industry leaders, academics and policy advisors from a range of different backgrounds and specialisms, each with decades of experience at the forefront of European innovation.

Industry Commons Foundation (Insamlingsstiftelse)

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