Industry Commons is based on a series of foundational principles and commitments, established and overseen by the Industry Commons Foundation.


Industry Commons is built on these foundational principles:

  • Social, ecological and cultural impact is key to industry growth and economic sustainability.
  • Creating a transversal value system maximises the potential for non-disruptive radical innovation.
  • Radical rather than incremental innovation is required to solve grand societal challenges.
  • Radical innovation is disruptive to industry only when it occurs outside of its value chain.
  • It is possible to integrate radical innovation safely with existing industry capabilities.
  • The current industrial technological environment presents the affordances, and offers the conditions, for radical innovation.
  • The current dominant data-driven production technologies, such as embedded-ware, automation, robotics and AI provide a technological framework for cross-sector collaboration.
  • Data-driven interfaces, such as APIs, GUIs and TUIs, are key technology enablers of transversal applications across industry sectors.
  • Hybrid products, processes and services, can lead to the creation of entirely new markets at the junction between domains.
  • Emerging technological environments require the creation of new standards for cross-domain collaboration.
  • Smart legal frameworks can maximise the opportunity for industry to co-create.
  • Intelligent data systems are key enablers for collaborative and distributed multiplier open innovation environments.
  • Novel hybrid products enabled by transversal tools of production stimulate a new culture of use and open new markets.
  • Diversity and inclusion stimulate a wider culture of use and result in the broadest market reach.
  • The future of work relies on upskilling and amplifying human abilities of a large and diverse workforce that can leverage the intellectual capital of different geographical regions.
  • Culture and creativity is key for evolving a human-centric, ethical, and secure culture of work.



Industry Commons is based on the following commitments: 

  • Set grand challenges to stimulate breakthrough ideas and business models.
  • Assemble expertise from all areas of human activity and illuminate grand challenges from diverse perspectives.
  • Cultivate new cultures at the junctions and in the collisions between industry verticals.
  • Build layers of accountability and clarity for open innovation intellectual property ownership.
  • Facilitate uninterrupted inflows and outflows of knowledge between open innovation contributors.
  • Incubate the best disruptive seed ideas built on top of industry IPR.
  • Empower teams of brilliant minds to discover new markets and new business models.
  • Assess risk, early adoption, data and technology for a fast track to innovation.
  • Address issues of privacy and security with cutting edge decentralised technologies and smart contracts.
  • Support solutions that are meaningful to local and regional communities.
  • Embed industry capabilities in external markets, new markets and new market niches.

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