Much of what we do enables spaces for common understanding through greater interoperability and shared systems.


Setting the standards for responsible data use 

JUST Data aims for a Judicious, Unbiased, Safe and Transparent data use to complement FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data technologies. JUST is not intended as a metric, but aims to set guidelines for data literacy about bias, sensitive data, the context of data collection and data provenance.
Feedback from industry indicates that knowledge about the data can be more valuable than the data itself. The project introduces a hands-on approach to JUST data annotation by data scientists, operators, analysts and owners.
Testbeds are used to validate and implement the first metadata standards for JUST data annotation across domains with regular annotation workflows as a means to build knowledge about data and evaluate the fitness of data sets for particular user scenarios. The application of JUST metadata to industry datasets embeds the practice, mitigates against gender biases in industrial digitalisation, and addresses the urgent need for diversifying and further developing workforce data skills.
The project engages a highly diverse range of stakeholders particularly from within the Swedish industrial context in partnership with the Swedish Health Data Innovation Platform, the Swedish Space Data Lab 3.0 and the AI Factory/RAILWAY – The Evolution.
Meet our team.

Funded as part of the Advanced Digitalisation programme by Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency, project reference 2023-03231.


Knowledge Graph Alliance

The International Knowledge Graph Alliance AISBL gathers global industrial members to promote the use of semantic knowledge graphs for industrial data management. It aims to set standards and bring together the best tools and methods, working towards a future where semantic knowledge graphs are regular part of every industry’s data strategy.
The KGA has been endorsed by the Cabinet of Commissioner Breton and was inaugurated on the 10th of November 2023 with contributions from EFFRA, BDVA, and EMMC, with active participation of European industry including Airbus, Bosch, Michelin, Total Energies and IKEA. Standardisation activities by global partners, including IOF and NIST, ensure alignment of semantic interoperability across global markets for maximum competitiveness.

ICF is Founding Member and the ICF Chair is President of the KGA. Link to project website.

Onto Commons

Ontology-driven data documentation for industry commons

OntoCommons addresses cross-domain interoperability by creating an ontology ecosystem with data documentation that acts as a major enabler for industry commons. The Ontology Commons EcoSystem (OCES) adopts a pluralistic approach to ontology management at the top reference level, across domains and linking to application level knowledge graphs. Partners include 20 expert research teams and 22 industrial application use cases including collaborations with Airbus, Siemens, Bosch, Aibel and IKEA.
As project partner, we are in charge of Innovation and Sustainability Management as well as ensuring long-term legacy of the OntoCommons ecosystem after the end of project. Meet our Team.

We are working on alignment of the OCES with sister global initiatives. Read about our collaboration agreement with OAGi.

Funded by the Horizon 2020 programme, grant agreement 958371. Link to project website.


Manufacturing data networks

RE4DY unites a large number of data platforms and solutions into a giant testbed for manufacturing built around the concept of “data as a product”. The project includes 31 partners and industrial use cases including Volkswagen, AVL, +GF+ and Avio Aero, and industrial testbeds at the Swiss Smart Factory.
As project partner, we are building systems for the tracking of intellectual property in value networks and optimising ways to manage industrial agreements in novel data-driven manufacturing scenarios. Cross-domain tracking and management of IP is a major enabler for the systems of agreements in the industry commons. Meet our team.

Funded by the Horizon Europe programme, grant agreement 101058384. Link to project website.

Data Space 4.0

Manufacturing data space

Data Space 4.0 aims to create a shared pathway and governance model for scale-up of cross-domain data spaces for manufacturing. The project is steered by key national Industry 4.0 initiatives with 16 partners and 33 Associate Partners.

As Associate Partner we are contributing with our expertise on systems for tracking and management of intellectual property and industrial agreements. Read our white paper on IP and industrial agreements.

Funded by the Horizon Europe programme. Link to project website.

Expanding EOSC

Engagement of the wider public and private sectors in EOSC

The study commissioned by the European Open Science Cloud aims to deliver practical, actionable advice and models for technology transfer and engagement with existing and potential scientific research user groups outside of academia, with the objective to scale the impact of EOSC and further incentivise and reward its community of researchers and research institutions. Our findings include the benefits of “FAIRification” (FAIR data verification) for industrial data, the key role of EOSC in the “FAIRification” of European data marketplaces, and the introduction of the JUST data owner/researcher (Judicious, Unbiased, Safe and Transparent) which stimulates accountability by responsible data stakeholders. Read our study.

The study’s findings were ported into the EOSC Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. Read the EOSC SRIA.

Funded by the which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Programme call H2020-INFRAEOSC-2018-4, Grant Agreement number 831644. Link to EOSC study page.


Digital solutions for the New European Bauhaus 

The New European Bauhaus initiative was launched by President von der Leyen on the 16th of September 2020 as a “co-creation space where architects, artists, students, engineers, designers work together” towards a more sustainable, inclusive and enriching living environment. Since then NEB has evolved as a bottom-up movement, through large-scale engagement with thousands of ideas on the ground. NEB uniquely feeds policy from grassroots creative experimentation and prototyping of sustainable solutions, acting as a major enabler for the green transition.
Two years after NEB was launched, digiNEB creates a dedicated space for the sharing of digital solutions for the large multidisciplinary NEB community. Built around the NEB goals of sustainability (from climate goals, to circularity, zero pollution, and biodiversity), inclusion (from valuing diversity and equality for all, to securing accessibility and affordability), and aesthetics (quality of experience and style, beyond functionality), digiNEB unites digital experts and latest digital projects with the NEB community, ideas and concepts. Our team is in charge of onboarding communities through co-creation, innovation and learning by doing. Meet our team.

Funded by the Horizon Europe programme, grant agreement 101083743. Link to project website.


Expert Group for the Design of the EIC Marketplace and Tech to Market Activities

The mission of the European Innovation Council is to strengthen European innovation by providing tools and frameworks that incentivise new research and innovation activities and support development of breakthrough technologies. 
Our group outlined a vision for an EIC Marketplace that reflects and adapts to the legislative and technological conditions of Intellectual Property in Europe. The aim is to ensure appropriate protections for creators and their works, unlock and enable further innovation that builds on existing IP, make IP findable within an open innovation platform, and benefit society and the economy by incentivising all participants to collaborate. Read our report on realising the deep tech entrepreneurial talent of Europe.

Funded by the Horizon Europe funding programme. Link to the EIC Expert Group.

EIT Culture & Creativity

Knowledge and Innovation Community

The latest Knowledge and Innovation Community by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is set to grow the European Culture and Creative Sector.
As core partner over the three years of preparation we contributed to the concept, definition, abstract, USPs and the winning pitch in Budapest. Link to the EIT announcement.

Funded up to 300M€ over 7 years by the Horizon Europe programme.

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