We are a multidisciplinary team of senior researchers and innovators supported by expert administrators, managers and advisors.

Michela Magas, system design
Sten-Erik Björling, data systems and digital twins
Ivo Emanuilov, IT and IP law
Linus Wretblad, AI and intellectual property
Jan Åman, community systems
Andrew Dubber, participatory cultures
Bror Salmelin, open innovation
Deborah Habermacher, project management
Max Baraitser-Smith, web development
Sara Martinell, accounting
Annie Johansson, legal
Isa Fredinger, auditor, KPMG Sweden
Magnus Myrenberg, management advisory
Andreas Rudenå, data visualisation advisory
Marielle Feenstra, gender equity advisory
Jaan Altosaar, open technologies advisory
Jan Bunge, built and digital environments advisory
Davor Meersman, smart communities advisory
Monica Pedro, sustainability advisory
Peter Keen, environmental science advisory

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